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Friday 29th November- m2m party

Okay okay, you’ve seen better quality pictures in your life. The tequila shots didn’t help my already-non-existent artistic skills… But we had joy in our heart and smiles on our faces, that’s what counts, right?

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Saturday 14th December – Official Opening Night!

Warning! A Roof on fire! People dancing, shouting, jumping in a crazy beautiful setting… What a night!! If you weren’t able to come up, here’s a peak of what you’ve missed:


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Saturday 21st December – Full & Fun!

Great live band, great house music and most important great people! It was so great to bump into all of you guys! Ashamed that I only have taken 3 pix though. Too much laughing and not enough picture taking. I’ll work on my paparazza skills for the next times.


Thursday 9th January - After-Work ‘Till Laaaaate in the Night!

My friends are crazy and that’s exactly why I love them!!




Saturday 11th January – Rooftop Dinner & Kavinsky’s  DJ Set 

Little Geneva weekend during a short mountain break. Sushies to die for and friends, friends & friends…. 2014 in many ways I love you so much already! Feel blessed.



Thursday 6th February – Happy Get-together!

Fine food, Famous DJ (Laila M & Okidor), and  Funniest Friends!!!! What else?